Month In Review: December 2017

Month In Review: December 2017

Hey friends! I know I say this at the beginning of every month in review but I can’t believe it’s already that time. Especially this month, since it’s the end of a year. Well, when you’re reading this – it’s a brand new year! Anyways, for more of what I’ve been up to this month, keep reading!

Month In Review: December 2017

Where I’ve Traveled

Why bother have this section in here anymore lol. That’s been the theme these last few months and will continue to be until at least June. Weddings are expensive, as some of you probably know, so we’re pinching pennies. Like, we’ve been unscrewing lightbulbs to save money lol.

What I’ve Read

I’ve only read one book this month, and that was Storm Raven by K. Hanson which I wrote a review of if you want to check it out! I’ve been in a reading slump and I have zero motivation to read. I also have zero time to read because work has been extremely busy and the second I get home, I start doing blog admin work until I go to bed. I’ve even forgotten to eat dinner a few times lol. Hopefully, next month will be better reading-wise. I do have a few books on my radar that I want to pick up soon, including Turtles All The Way Down by John Green and Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng.

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It's time for another month in review! This time, I cover everything I did and everything I've read in the month of December. Click here to read more.

Life Musings

This year was a conundrum. To be blunt, it sucked. But also, it was a great year. It sucked because of Trump (you can read more about my thoughts here) and I really do try to not be political on here but I feel like it just needed to be said. I spent a lot of this year afraid because of the backlash Trump’s presidency has caused and the anti-women motions that have been going on. His presidency even caused me to get an IUD so I don’t get my birth control taken away, which is just ridiculous. I could really go on and on about my thoughts and fears but I’m going to conclude this section here lol.

Random side thought: I became a vegetarian this year. For about six months. I’m torn with that because I really do want to be a vegetarian, but I live in South Dakota and there are very limited options on good vegetarian food here. It’s a very meat and potatoes kind of place and I can’t survive on just potatoes. My meals mostly consisted of vegetables that weren’t in season and quinoa. It probably sounds like I’m just making excuses, and I totally might be, but I really do believe that if I lived somewhere else (like California or New York or wherever) it would be a lot easier to be a vegetarian and I would gladly be one again. And anyone who is a vegetarian and lives in South Dakota, how the fudge do you do it?!

This year was also fantastic because I’ve gotten really far with this blog and am constantly learning new things. Wedding planning has been SO MUCH fun so far and I’m getting more and more excited for our wedding day. I’ve been a lot more social and less shy (although I do still have my moments) but it’s been getting better and better. It’s also been the year of the female and I’m loving all of the kickass women. Again, I could go on and on about why this year has been amazing as well but I think this is the longest that this section has ever been.  But to sum it all up, it’s been a fucking conundrum.

Also, isn’t my dog just the CUTEST?! Ugh, I love him more than life.

It's time for another month in review! This time, I cover everything I did and everything I've read in the month of December. Click here to read more.


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What I’ve Been Loving

STAR WARS!!!! I just… wow. That’s all I can really say about that so if you haven’t watched it, do yourself a favor and WATCH IT.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation – also, just wow. Impeccable. Hands down, my favorite album of hers. I’m only recently a fan, I used to hate her because, in high school, I kind of looked like her (I have blonde curly hair and blue eyes and that’s where the similarities end)  so everyone would call be T-Swift and it drove me nuts so I began to hate her. But, I was wrong and I absolutely love her now.

That’s all for now! See you next year 😉

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