What To Do While In Minneapolis.

What To Do While In Minneapolis.

Hey friends! Sorry, the posts have been kind of infrequent lately, there’s just been a lot going on. With my trip to Europe, my wedding, and possibly purchasing/moving into a house coming up – life has just been hectic! Now that stuff has settled down (for the time being), I feel ready to get back into the swing of things! Anyways, I have spent the last couple weekends up in Minneapolis so I figured why not write a travel guide?! It’s one of my favorite cities in the Midwest and for good reason. I hope you enjoy this Minneapolis travel guide!

Minneapolis Travel Guide

Cedar Cultural Center

I recently went to an Aurora concert (she’s my favorite singer so this was a dream come true) that was at the Cedar Cultural Center and it was awesome! The Cedar Cultural Center is a nonprofit music venue that relies on support from donors and volunteers. It was founded in 1989 and still going strong. And for good reason! The venue itself is warm and welcoming, the staff is super friendly, and the overall atmosphere is wonderful. I highly recommend checking this place out.

Catch a Vikings Game

I am not a sports fan. But my fiance and his family are so I’ve been dragged along to a couple NFL games and (don’t tell anyone) I had fun! My very first NFL game was a Denver Bronco’s game in Denver, and that was awesome. But since attending a Vikings Game a couple weekends ago, I think I might now be a football fan. What?! The pre-show stuff was stellar, the crowd was awesome, and the Vikings won! We sat in the Hyundai Club which was super fancy so I felt pretty important lol. If you’re in town, try to catch a Vikings game!

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Eat At Keys Cafe

Hands down, one of my favorite restaurants in Minneapolis. Not that I’ve tried very many (give me your recommendations down below!) but it’s super delicious. Located in Downtown Minneapolis in the Foshay building (the architecture itself is a good enough reason to visit), Keys Cafe has mouth watering entrees. My favorite is either a classic hamburger or the vegetarian chili. They are so good, I kinda want to make the four-hour drive right now to pick some up. Plus every time I’ve been, there hasn’t been a wait and our food was in front of us within fifteen minutes. Yaaasss.

Minneapolis, otherwise known as 'The Little Big Apple', is one of the greatest cities in the Midwest! Make sure you check out this Minneapolis travel guide!

Tuggs Tavern

Another one of my favorite restaurants in Minneapolis –  Tuggs Tavern is located in a beautiful location on St. Anthony Main, overlooking the Mississippi River and the Downtown skyline. They have some of the best burgers I have ever tasted. So worth fighting the traffic for.

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The Mall of America

Obviously, when you’re in the Minneapolis area, you need to visit The Mall of America. I believe it’s the largest mall in America? Correct me if I’m wrong. In fact, it’s so large – it fits a theme park. Talk about cool! I like to save up some money throughout the year and then go crazy in Forever 21, H&M, and LUSH because I am not lucky enough to live in a place where they are located.

Catch A Game At Target Field

Again with the sports.. what has my fiance done to me lol. Seriously though, I had so much fun watching the Twins at Target Field and it’s a must see for anyone visiting.

Visit First Ave

You can’t talk about Minneapolis without talking about First Ave. It’s legen-wait for it-dary. It’s the epicenter of live music in Minneapolis and there’s almost always something going on so make sure you check it out!

There you have! Minneapolis is my favorite city in the Midwest so I hope this Minneapolis travel guide has inspired you to visit! What are a few of your favorite cities?

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Minneapolis, otherwise known as 'The Little Big Apple', is one of the greatest cities in the Midwest! Make sure you check out this Minneapolis travel guide!

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