Lake of Ozarks | Travel Guide

Lake of Ozarks | Travel Guide

Hey guys! I’ve recently visited the Lake of Ozarks on a family vacation. I’ve been here quite often so I decided to write a travel guide about it! I hope you enjoy!

Lake of Ozarks Travel Guide

  1. Visiting the local shops (a must do wherever you travel). I don’t know if any of you have been to Keystone, SD (where Mount Rushmore is) but The Lake of Ozarks is very similar. It’s a super cute touristy town with tons of shops for souvenirs and some miscellaneous places to take photos or do touristy activities.
  2. Eat ice cream in an ice cream shop! There’s a place in town along the strip that has all the tourist shops that has a really fun atmosphere and tons of ice cream options. They also have different choices of ice cream cones. I got the large waffle cone that had been dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. Seriously, amazing. So all of you know, I admit to being an ice cream addict.Eating Ice cream in Lake of Ozarks
  3. If the weather permits, parasailing. This was an activity I had scheduled, but because of bad weather had to cancel. Something I will be keeping on my bucket list.
  4. Boating, swimming, and tubing! I would highly suggest bringing or renting out a boat for the week as there really aren’t any beaches. We took the boat out and used a water mat on the lake that all the kids and adults (ages 5-25) were able to enjoy.Boating on Lake of Ozarks
  5. Just Explore. There are tons of places around to hike, but one, in particular, comes to mind. The Ha Ha Tonka State Park. Check it out!
  6. Playing sand volleyball at Frank and Loui’s Beachfront Bar. You can either hang out and drink beverages, play sand volleyball, or both.
  7.  Going on a helicopter ride with Lake of Ozarks Helicopter Inc. If it’s something on your bucket list, you might as well do it! The lake is beautiful, so I’m sure that it’d be worthwhile.

So there is my list of things I discovered you can do while being on vacation in the Ozarks. This was actually my second time there, and I did a lot more exploring this time around than the last. The nice thing about being on the lake and being near town is that you can either be the type to go explore and do a ton of shopping and activities or just veg in the sun. I like a little of both!

If you have ever been to the Lake of Ozarks, I’d love to hear your suggestions! Comment below 🙂

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