How To Read More – Even While Traveling.

How To Read More – Even While Traveling.

Here’s something that you probably know about me if you’ve been following me for awhile: I am a voracious reader. I always have been, for as long as I can remember. So you may be wondering how the heck do I find time to read?! I work a full-time Monday thru Friday job and am a full-time blogger. Plus I have a dog that seems to take up as much attention as a small child, so how do I do it? Well, here are my tips and tricks on how to read more! Enjoy!

How To Read More (Even While Traveling)

Make Reading A Priority.

First things first – I make reading a priority. Which is easier said than done, I know. Although this hasn’t been quite as true as of late as I’ve been working super hard on updating this blog you’re reading – but usuuuually I try to choose reading over watching something on Netflix, or watching a YouTube video, or playing Candy Crush for hours on end (although it’s tempting, very tempting). This is especially easy if I’m REAAAALLY enjoying the book I’m reading because the last thing I’d want to do is put it down (*ahem* Harry Potter..) but all books, though wonderful, cannot compare to Harry Potter. Although you should make reading a priority…

Here are some great tips and tricks on how to read more! I work a full-time job and am a full-time blogger but I still make reading a priority!

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Don’t Force Yourself to Read.

Don’t force yourself to read if you’re not in the mood, you’re not enjoying the book, or whatever it may be. This can lead to the dreaded reading slump *gasp*. I know, I know, I know. Not forcing yourself to read may seem counter-intuitive to reading more, but think about it. If you’re not enjoying it, are you gonna continue to read more? And want to read more in the future? Probably not. So if you’re not in the mood to read, put the book down and watch every season of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix for the 6th time in two years… You are too obsessed, Bri..

Carry A Book Everywhere.

So another tip I have that I have followed since I could read basically (thanks for the stories, Mom..) is to carry a book everywhere. The current book I’m reading at any given moment will follow me to work, to the grocery store, to the doctor’s office, to the airport.. you get the point. There are only 5 things that I cannot leave the house without -my phone, my wallet, my planner, my journal, and MY BOOK. It seems like every time I leave the house without a book, I come across some spare time where I sit there and think to myself “I wish I had my book with me, dang it.” Those moments suck. So carry a book with you.

Here are some great tips and tricks on how to read more! I work a full-time job and am a full-time blogger but I still make reading a priority!

Read What You’re Interested In.

This may seem like an obvious one – and also not an easy one to follow if you have required reading for school – but when it comes to reading for fun, choose something you’re actually interested in reading! Maybe you want to read a book about how buttons are made instead of a young adult fiction novel – I dunno, to each their own, right?

So there you have it – my tips and tricks on how to read more! I think reading should be important to everyone. I hope you have found this helpful to incorporate more reading into your life!

As always, I hope you have a wonderful week.

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