Book Review: Storm Raven by K. Hanson

Hey friends! Today, I have a book review for you – Storm Raven by K. Hanson! This book is set to be released in TWO DAYS so be sure to pick up your own copy as soon as you can.

Disclaimer: I was sent this book for review, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Book Review: Storm Raven by K. Hanson

Storm Raven by K. Hanson
Published By: Self-Published
Pages: 294
Genre(s): Young Adult, Fantasy
Rating: 3.5/5
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Captain Nereyda and her first mate, Brynja, lead a band of pirates as they seek out grand adventures and loot vulnerable merchant ships. However, when they attempt an overly ambitious raid, Nereyda and her crew are captured by Commander Erhan of the Imperial Navy and separated. Nereyda is pressed into service aboard a ship to patrol the treacherous waters of the Shattered Sea. Meanwhile, Brynja and the rest of the crew are sent to a life of hellish labor deep in an Imperial mining prison camp.

While serving her sentence, Nereyda is shipwrecked on an unknown island. As she explores it, she stumbles into some ancient ruins and finds…something. Whatever it is, it wakes a part of Nereyda that she had not felt before. Something that could help her free the rest of her crew and return to life on the sea, if only she can learn to control it. Unfortunately, Commander Erhan is also on the island. Nereyda must escape him, get off of the island, and rescue her crew before the commander can stop her and before her crew withers away in the oppressive mines.

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First of all, the female power in this book is amazing. The main character, Nereyda, is such bad-ass character (as are all the other female characters) and I love how feminist this book is overall. Unfortunately, I didn’t really enjoy this book as much as I hoped I would. A lot of it is because I’m not usually a fantasy reader and I prefer more realistic stories (this coming from the worlds biggest Harry Potter fan – ha) and I should’ve known that going into the story. So, I’m not going to fault the book for that. I did have a couple complaints that I had with his first book, and it’s that the conversation doesn’t flow naturally and the plot is quite convenient. Both of these were a big improvement from the first book and I imagine that his next book will be even better. The writing style is quite simplistic, similar to his first novel as well, but it goes really well with the Young Adult genre this book falls into. I also really liked the multiple points of views, especially when it came to Brynja’s because you really understood the choices she made.

Overall, I recommend picking this book up if you’re a fan of fantasy and enjoy strong female characters. It’s refreshing because the fantasy genre does need more female lead characters so I’m happy that this book exists.

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Thank you to K. Hanson for gifting me this book for review. As always, all thoughts were my own.

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