I Almost Died In Mexico.

I Almost Died In Mexico.

Hey friends! I have some crazy travel stories I want to tell and I figured it was about time I do so! One of them is about the time that I almost died in Mexico. I know, it sounds like click-bait. But it’s true! Keep reading below to find out how I almost died while in Mexico.

I Almost Died In Mexico

It was our first day there, about an hour after we arrived from the airport. We had just dropped off our suitcases in the condo we were staying and after quickly changing into our swimsuits, walked down to the pool/beach area. We spent an hour or so swimming in the pool and taking full advantage of the swim-up bar/restaurant. After we got tired of swimming in the pool, we climbed out and went walking around the beach. There were ‘No Swimming’ signs placed about every 100 yards or so along the beach, warning beach-goers about the dangerous current that flows just off the shore.  Despite the signs, there were some local teenagers that were boogie-boarding in the water so we watched them for a little bit. The waves were a little larger than normal, as Hurricane Linda had just formed and had shifted her way towards the peninsula. But she was still a long ways out so she was at the back of our minds.



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We spent some time building sandcastles and running from the waves every time they came close, acting like we were little children. I started to get tired so I sat down on the sand, about fifteen feet from the shoreline to watch the water. Chris’s dad sat down next to me and we started joking around about something and we made the mistake of taking our eyes off the ocean.

All of a sudden, this huge wave of water hit both of us with such force that it knocked us onto our backs and started dragging us into the water. Water kept rushing over me and I started choking. I couldn’t get my head out of the water and I couldn’t breathe. I remember thinking that I was going to die – my first time out of the country, and I was going to die. Just my luck. I couldn’t hear anything other than rushing water pounding my ears and no matter how many times I dug my hands into the sand beneath me to try to stop moving, the water kept dragging me towards the ocean and the deadly current.

Just when I started thinking that was the end of everything, I felt a force jump on top of me and I stopped moving. I finally got my head above the water and saw that Chris had jumped on top of me and his dad to stop us from going out any further. He saved our lives. I looked around and saw that we were about a foot from entering the ocean. The wave had dragged us fourteen feet. In the process of saving us, Chris’s glasses got knocked off his face and thrown into the water. He’s practically blind without his glasses and we were unable to find them. Luckily, he was able to use some of his moms’ contact lenses so he wasn’t blind but they weren’t the correct prescription so he spent the rest of the trip with blurry vision.

Building a sandcastle on a beach in Mexico!

Despite having a near death experience, we immediately went back to building sandcastles like nothing had happened. The rest of the trip was fun but pretty uneventful compared to that. Except for the fact that Hurricane Linda hit shore while we were there. But I guess you’ll have to stick around to read that story in the future 😉

Yes, I know I spelled Hurricane incorrectly..

Yes, I know I spelled Hurricane incorrectly…

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photos by Jenna Schlapkohl.


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