How To Afford To Travel.

How To Afford To Travel.

Hey friends! Today, I’m going to talk about the best and easiest ways to save money for your traveling. And how we (my fiance and I) afford to travel. Everybody knows how expensive traveling can be and how often you end up spending more than planned (ahem, me). No one wants to come back home broke or go overboard on the vacations allotted budget. Here is a quick guideline for how to properly save up for your next adventure into the world.

How To Afford To Travel: Saving Money

How does one set aside money for traveling when you only seem to have enough for life at its current point? Young people have rent and loans. Middle-aged people have kids. And no one wants to wait until they’re retired to finally get out there and do it all.  You’ll be surprised though at just how much you can save when you actually try.

The Penny Challenge

On the very first day of this challenge, all you need to do is put a single penny into a jar. Day two, put two pennies in the jar. Day three, put three pennies in the jar and you get the point. On day 365, put $3.65 into your savings jar. And on that day, you’ll have a grand total of $667.95. Even if you broke it down by the month, you still put less than $110 into the jar the final month. Obviously, only spending $700 for a vacation is almost impossible. But perhaps this is something you would do in addition to a current saving plan. This money would then become extra spending cash for your adventure. This article has a good explanation for The Penny Challenge if you want to check it out.

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This a comprehensive list of the best ways to save money for traveling and vacations. Click here to find out how you can afford to travel.

The Weekly Challenge

This is my personal favorite way to save money. With this challenge, you will set aside one dollar at the end of the first week and two dollars at the end of the second week. After the full 52 week year has passed, you will have amassed $1378. When you break this down, you only have to set aside $202 every month.

An even better idea is to reverse the process so you set aside $52 the first week and only $1 the last week. Especially if the end of the challenge is around Christmas. You’ll save the same amount of money when it’s all done, but the process becomes easier and less stressful as you gear up for the vacation.

The $1378 is more than enough for one person to take a long weekend getaway not too far from home. Bri and I both do this, so we end up saving about $3000 at the end of the year.

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Saving Per Paycheck

My fiance and I are going to try this out starting next year. We are going to try to save $100 each with bi-weekly paychecks. That is 26 paychecks in a year and will give us each $2600 in savings. I can tell all of you with extreme confidence that he and I could have a great vacation nearly anywhere in the USA for an entire week.
Now, depending on how much you make per paycheck, this could be a lot of money to save every two weeks. In order to accomplish this challenge, you will need to rework your own personal budget. Believe it or not, you will find it can be done. The best way to cut this money every two weeks will likely involve food. Simply cutting when and where you eat out and what you buy for groceries could be all you need.

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This a comprehensive list of the best ways to save money for traveling and vacations. Click here to find out how you can afford to travel.

Simply Saving

For most of us in our twenties, travel cannot be done without saving. We haven’t yet climbed to the top at our jobs and have some sort of loan. We have to practice saving just to live and get by.
But I truly believe we can all find a way to do just make a little extra to travel more. Or maybe I should say we can all do a little less. Find something in your life worth giving up or slimming down. Get a second job or work more hours at a current one. If you really want to travel – you know there’s something you can do about affording it.

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This a comprehensive list of the best ways to save money for traveling and vacations. Click here to find out how you can afford to travel.
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