On The 2016 Presidential Election.

On The 2016 Presidential Election.

I know that writing this post will not change what has already happened.
I am writing this because there are other people out there who have the same opinions and feelings that I do and I want them to know that they are not alone.
I know that I could possibly regret writing this as I am not usually one to comment on such a controversial topic and I know this is not the content that you want to read but I cannot keep my thoughts to myself when it comes to something as important as this election. As a disclaimer, I am a registered Independent because there are qualities about both political parties I like (and dislike) so I am not writing this to bash Republicans as a party nor on individuals who voted for Donald Trump. On the contrary, good on you for going out there and voting for someone who you believe will be a good president for the United States. Many did not go out and vote but you took the initiative to go out and vote for who you believe in. And you have the right, as you should.

I’m writing this from a personal standpoint and what I personally believe to be true.

Since I am a white middle-class woman, the future will still be better for me than compared to those who identify as LGBTQ, Black, Muslim, Mexican. I recognize my privilege as being a white middle-class woman. But because I am a woman, it will still be very difficult.

A man who has openly admitted to sexually assaulting women has been elected the president of the United States.
A man who does not believe in equality in marriage has been elected president.
A man who has openly mocked a reporter’s disability has been elected president.
A man who does not believe that a woman should be able to control what happens to her own body has been elected president.
A man who has openly made racist statements and incited violence at his rally’s has been elected president.

As a woman, I use my health insurance mainly for birth control. Both to stop unwanted pregnancy and to regulate my period and my hormones. Without birth control, I need to be hospitalized when I get my period because it is too heavy and too painful. With a Donald Trump presidency, I am afraid that my right to access affordable healthcare or birth control will be diminished or denied. I could possibly spend twelve weeks a year for the next four years, in the hospital. That’s terrifying to me. All because some people in a position of power don’t believe in birth control. And my concern is minor compared to those who need The Affordable Healthcare Act to afford their potentially life-saving medications.

As a women, I’ve been taught to be afraid when alone. To not walk by myself at night. To not go to parties or a bar by myself. To not say no to a man because of the potential backlash I could receive. When Donald Trump brags about sexually harassing and assaulting women, this makes it even easier for other men to do the same. If our President does it, so can they. Right? I am very lucky that my fiance is a great human being who would never look down on me because of my gender. But other people out there feel like women are second class citizens. We are taking a million steps backwards from the progress that was occurring.

When I was 11 years old, I was sexually harassed / borderline assaulted while in school by two boys who thought that because I was a female and because I was much smaller than them, they could tell me things that I would never wish on anyone else. AT ONLY ELEVEN YEARS OLD.
They received a slap on the wrist and a one day in-school suspension. But my family had to move across town and I had to switch schools because I was so traumatized. If that were to occur during a Trump presidency, I’m terrified that there won’t even be a punishment. If someone is raped during a Trump presidency, I fear that they won’t even go to court. Because if the President brags about committing sexual assault, it is okay for someone else to commit sexual assault. This is not right.

I believe that everybody should have equal rights regardless of: gender, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or disabilities. Donald Trump doesn’t reflect those beliefs, nor does the future vice-president, or the people he’s going to put in his cabinet. How anybody believes they should be able to choose the rights of others, is beyond me. Even though everybody has the right to their own opinion, I believe someone’s opinion shouldn’t negatively affect how somebody else lives their own day-to-day life. For example, I would personally never get an abortion. But I also recognize that I don’t have that right to decide that option for someone else because it doesn’t affect me personally in any way shape or form.

And the sad part is, is that my concerns are minimal compared to those who are not white, straight, or Christian. My heart breaks for my friends of color, my Muslim friends, and my LGBTQ friends. They now possibly have to fight again for rights that they currently have. I am so sorry for them.

And do not call me over-dramatic. I have every right to feel what I feel. My feelings are just as valid as yours, even if they are opposite. And do not call me a typical Hillary supporter. I was not a supporter of hers up until yesterday, the day I cast my vote. I voted for her solely because I could not bring myself to vote for Trump and because America’s bipartisan political system is so fucked (no matter which party won), voting for a third party would render my vote useless.

As Hillary said in her concession speech today, I owe Donald Trump’s presidency an open mind. And I am going to try so hard to keep an open mind. I truly do hope he will be a great President and prove my concerns wrong.

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