Travel Destinations As Seen In Movies.

Travel Destinations As Seen In Movies.

Hey guys! Planning a vacation soon? Take some cues from your favorite movies! Here are six travel destinations as seen on the big screen.

Travel Destinations As Seen In Movies

The Hangover – Las Vegas

Let’s start off with an easy one – Las Vegas as seen in The Hangover. Las Vegas is near the very top of popular travel destinations list for US residents. In the movie, you get to see both the Las Vegas strip and inside & outside of hotels. This movie comes with a few shots from the sky as well as its insane humor. Never before has a place that looked so entertaining ever looked even more entertaining.

The Shining – Stanley Hotel (Este’s Park, CO)

Yes, it’s true – the creepy hotel that was a location for perhaps some of your nightmares is a real place. My fiance and I visited there last summer and it was pretty cool. The Shining wasn’t actually filmed at The Stanley Hotel. Stephen King wrote the book while staying there so it was the inspiration for it. The Stanley Hotel is located in Estes Park, Colorado and does in fact not have creepy old ladies in bathtubs, twin girls in hallways, or blood rushing down from the staircase. Still pretty neat to see though. And Estes Park overall is a beautiful place to visit.

The Stanley Hotel from The Shining in Estes Park, Colorado.

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Star Wars – Tikal National Park

Don’t worry you won’t need to be an astronaut and take off to a galaxy far, far, away from here. You might need an airplane ticket depending on your current location though. Scenes located on Yavin IV were actually filmed at Tikal National Park in Guatemala and are real Mayan temples. May the force be with you.

Tikal National Park

The Lord of the Rings– Hobbiton (New Zealand)

If you’ve been here please write your experience in the comments below. Hobbiton is number one on my list of places to visit. I own all six Middle Earth movies, both in their own collection pack that includes the extended editions of the films and behind the scenes footage and cast interviews. Anyways, back to Hobbiton – which has actually become a real-life place and tourist attraction after the Lord of the Rings movies finished up. Peter Jackson and company returned there when it came time to film the Hobbit trilogy and made more sustainable. And as far as I know, Peter Jackson and his wife either live there or own a house there. If you don’t believe me, don’t worry, as Robin Williams (RIP) couldn’t even believe Frodo Baggins himself when he told him.

The  X-Men Films (Xavier’s School) – Hatley Castle

All exterior shots from Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters comes courtesy of Hatley Castle in British Columbia. It’s a beautiful castle and makes a great school considering how many people need to be in there and everything that it houses. It also served as the home for Lex Luthor in the TV series Smallville.

Hatley Castle

Indiana Jones – Al Khazneh

Wait, what the heck is that place? Well, in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, Al Khazneh (in Petra, Jordan) is the place where the Holy Grail is located. And if you want to tell yourself it’s the real resting place of the Holy Grail you go right ahead, no judgment here. I must pass on some kudos to Spielberg here for framing that shot the way he did and adding anything that he might have added because the location in the movie looks much more hidden and awesome than from what I’ve seen from pictures on Google.

Al Khazneh in Indiana Jones

The End

These are the best of the bunch that I could find. Most other places I thought of, are along the lines of The Hangover and are cities rather than places. On the other hand, though, I didn’t include places such as where they filmed some Hogwarts scenes from Harry Potter, The Griffith Observatory (Rebel Without A Cause), and a few hotels transformed to fit a movies liking. If you’re a film and traveling, just know that there’s no shortage of places to visit that’ll make everybody happy.

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