Reasons You Shouldn’t Travel.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Travel.

You know how everyone’s telling you that you need to travel? Annoying, right? Here are six reasons you shouldn’t travel… and why those people are wrong and you should ignore them. So grab a glass of wine (because I have one) and keep reading.

 6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Travel… And Why They’re Wrong

1.) You’re Broke

Guess what? So am I. But I’m still able to travel because I make it a priority. It’s important to have a budget for traveling – it’s the best thing to spend money on, in my opinion. You know how you go to Starbucks mostly every day? Well, quit that habit and that’s an extra $300 you can put in your traveling fund. The same thing applies to going out every weekend or eating out often (although I should talk.. I’m a McDonald’s addict, damn Big Macs). Heck, I’ll even give you $35 in Airbnb credits just to make traveling a little cheaper for you.

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2.) It’s Dangerous 

The chances of being killed in a terrorist attack is 1 in 20 million. In fact, you are more likely to drown in your own bathtub than die in a terrorist attack. Think about that. Yes, always always always trust your gut. But question it too. As someone who has anxiety, I question my safety all the time. I once left a movie theater before the movie even started because there was a gentleman sitting alone and it was suspicious to me. Nothing happened and it seems ridiculous now. But I missed out on a movie I really wanted to see and I regret it. So, I’m not going to miss out on a place I really want to see. To feel extra secure, you can always register your travels with the US Embassy. That way if something does happen while you’re abroad, they know where you are and will get you out.

3.) You Don’t Have Anyone To Go With

So go alone. Traveling solo is so liberating and you will gain a newfound sense of independence. Yes, you could create so many good memories with a friend or a significant other but you can also create great memories when you’re by yourself.

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4.) You Have A Full-Time Job With Limited Time Off 

SO DO I. And yes, it’s frustrating. You can’t be as spontaneous as you wish you could be. Here’s a great article I read about balancing a full-time job and traveling. Although I wish I could quit my job to take up being a full-time travel blogger, now’s not the time. But the time will come, someday.

5.) You Don’t Have The Time

Do you know anyone who doesn’t have the same 24 hours in their day? What you choose to do with your time is up to you. If you want to spend a week sitting at home doing nothing but eating ice cream from the container (me), you can. Oooor, you can spend a week walking through the streets of Paris or Amsterdam. It’s up to you.

6.) The World Will Always Be Here

Well, not really. It’s inevitable that the sun will blow up and destroy our entire planet. While the chances of that happening in our lifetime, there are many places on Earth that are slowly eroding away and soon will be gone forever. Don’t miss your chance to see the Dead Sea or the Maldives.

Moral of the story, basically all the reasons you shouldn’t travel are probably wrong.

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