Los Angeles Travel Guide

Los Angeles Travel Guide

Hey friends!¬†So for my birthday this year, my boyfriend and I decided to visit my family in Long Beach, California. As you may know, I consider Long Beach my hometown so it was awesome being back there since it’s been a few years. While we there, we spent a lot of time in Los Angeles! I’ve actually been to Los Angeles many times so I thought I’d write a Los Angeles travel guide showcasing some of my favorite things to do around the Los Angeles area! I hope you enjoy! And don’t forget to leave your recommendations in the comments below ūüôā

Los Angeles Travel Guide

Go to a Talk Show

We got to sit in the audience at Jimmy Kimmel and never in a million years would I have thought of doing this! This was actually Christopher’s idea!¬†We signed up for free through 1iota¬†and were put on a waitlist for the April 28, 2016 show. We found out that we got in a couple days before we left so I was able to slip this right into our itinerary.
The experience of sitting in on a live show was pretty awesome, especially since we were both fans of Jimmy Kimmel before. The best part though was getting to see Nick Jonas perform live… for free!¬†Let’s just say that my former pre-teen self was screaming with joy.

As for the talk show itself, it was very interesting to see how different it is from behind the cameras. I think I’m gonna write a blog post about our experience!

Tip: Make sure you read the rules and regulations. There was a pretty strict dress code¬†and that we didn’t realize until we were standing in line for the show. One of the rules was no shorts allowed and Christopher was wearing shorts! Luckily, they agreed to sit us near the back of the audience so no one even noticed.

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Visit Santa Monica Pier

I know, you’re probably thinking that this is a tourist trap. And you’re right. Hear me out, though.Yes, it’s overpriced. We spent about $35 just to ride the roller coaster and the Ferris wheel. But the experience was so worth it. On the ferris wheel, Chris and I got to watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. I regret not having my camera with me because it was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. After that, we just strolled along the boardwalk hand in hand, watching the street performers and smelling all the smells. We might have snuck in a churro or two ūüėČ

Santa Monica Pier is both family friendly and great for a date! Also, don’t forget is the very end of Route 66 AND the birthplace of Popeye!

Tour The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary, permanently docked in Long Beach, is a retired ocean liner that is rumored¬†to be¬†haunted (it definitely is haunted). Even if you believe in ghosts or not, this is one thing you should definitely add to your list (it’s particularly riveting around Halloween time…). If you sign up for a haunted tour, you’re shown access to typically off-limit parts of the ship but it’s more fun if you sneak off on your own. It’s not technically against the rules, it’s just… frowned upon. But¬†proceed at your own risk!

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Eat At Zubies Dry Dock in Huntington Beach

Once you get past the cheesy decor, this place is amazing. It’s tradition for us to eat here whenever we¬†visit¬†California. No matter what you order off¬†the menu, the food is guaranteed to be mouth-watering. My personal favorites are the spaghetti with sausage or the barbecue ribs (Edit: 4/14/17 – I am now a vegetarian so I would now go for the salad bar and a cheese pizza). Also, if you have any children or are a kid at heart (such as myself), bring a lot of quarters because there’s plenty of arcade games to play.

There’s also a giant aquarium that was my favorite thing ever when I was a kid. I could watch those fishies for houuurs.

Eat At Joe Jost’s!

Joe Jost’s is frequented often by my uncle, and for good reason!¬†It’s easily¬†one of¬†the best bars in Long Beach and has been since it opened in 1920. In fact, it’s still serving the same food that it did during the Prohibition. Although you don’t really have that many options when perusing the menu, definitely go for a yellow pickled egg. Life changing, let me tell you.

Visit Venice Beach

This is a must do in my book. I love people watching and this is the greatest place to do so!! There are tons of activities to do here, such as: renting a bike, shopping, and did I mention people watching?

Storytime: When I was a kid one summer, I accidentally got put into a drum circle on the beach and everyone around me was smoking marijuana and wearing fedora hats and I just felt like the coolest kid on the planet. Which I was anyway… ūüėČ
Anyways, when the school year started, my teachers did not like that story and I had to have a talk with a guidance counselor about how drugs are bad for you.

Have you been to Los Angeles before? If so, what are things that you recommend doing?

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