Harry Potter Inspired London Itinerary!

Harry Potter Inspired London Itinerary!

Hey friends! In less than a year, I will be traveling across Europe with my fiance and his family!!!!! This is a dream come true and I AM SO EXCITED. Our first stop will be London and because Christopher’s family knows what a big Potterhead I am, they’re allowing Chris and I to go off on our own to explore while we’re there. So, I’ve come up with a Harry Potter inspired London itinerary!

Also, it’s snowing pretty hard out right now and talking about anything related to Harry Potter instantaneously makes it feel Christmas-y and cozy and I am so happy. Also, I’m drinking the greatest cup of salted caramel hot cocoa I have ever tasted. And Christopher bought me the illustrated versions of Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone and The Chamber of Secrets for Christmas, so I’m rereading the series.. again.. for the third time this year.  Okay, moving on..

Harry Potter Inspired London Itinerary! 

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

This might be what I’m most looking forward to the most. I’ll probably repeat that a few more times as I’m most excited about, well, everything on this list. The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour is exactly what it says – a studio tour. I’ve been on studio tours before while in Los Angeles and while they were fun, I have a feeling this one will be the most kickass one ever. At the time of writing this, the cost of a ticket is about $83 for an adult ticket. Spendy but it will be SO worth it.

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Visit Platform 9¾

I’m already planning on making the picture I take here my profile picture on just about every social media platform I have, just so you know in advance. The best about visiting Platform 9¾, it’s free!! Which means more to spend on at the Harry Potter shop nearby. You best I’ll be picking up a Ravenclaw scarf – got to rep my school house you know.

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Visit the Reptile House at London Zoo

I’m pretty sure I speak Parseltongue but I won’t find out until I visit the Reptile House at London Zoo like Harry did, will I? Probably not. Tickets are about $26 US dollars, and obviously that includes more than just the Reptile House. After a quick trip there, I should expect my Hogwarts acceptance letter by owl post shortly after. Hopefully. I deserve it, I’ve been waiting for 11 years now.

Visit Tower Bridge

To be honest, I would visit the Tower Bridge even if it hadn’t made a cameo in Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix. Plus all the other bridges in London because holy moly, what awesome architecture. You can’t find anything like that here at home.

What are some places that you recommend checking out while I’m in London? Harry Potter related or not, I’m all ears! Hope you guys are having a fantastic week!

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