Our Tentative 2 Week European Itinerary.

Our Tentative 2 Week European Itinerary.

Hey guys – exciting news! Our trip to Europe is coming up super quick so I’m finally starting to do some planning. This itinerary will change a bit a lot as we get closer to leaving because I am pretty indecisive. However, I’m realizing that I need to decide on whether to spend more time in fewer places or a shorter amount of time in more places. We only have two weeks to explore (although I wish I had about two years!), so this our 2 week European Itinerary (for now).

For a budget, we will have roughly $250 to spend daily between the two of us.

Okay, keep reading!

2 Week European Itinerary 

London, England – 4 Nights

We’re starting off our trip in London! Which is probably what I’m most excited about. One of my biggest dreams has been to visit London (and England in general) ever since I was a little kid. Mostly because of Harry Potter and a little because of British accents..

I AM SOOoooOoOo EXCITED!! A definite thing that we will be doing is seeing Les Miserables at Queens Theatre, which we already purchased our tickets for. Chris and I are also spending some time away from his family doing some Harry Potter related things because of course 😉

The first stop on our Europe trip is in London!

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Paris, France – 3 Nights

After London, we’re taking a train to Paris! I believe we are also getting our engagement photos done here (it is the most romantic city in the world after all..) so I need to do some shopping lol. Some things I definitely want to do while there is visit The Louvre, Versailles, and Notre Dame. And the Eiffel Tower. And Luxembourg Gardens.

You get the hint.

Paris is our second stop in our two-week trip in Europe.

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Zurich, Switzerland – 3 Nights

After Paris, Chris and I are separating from his family. They will be flying into Krakow, Poland to explore Auschwitz. This is the part of the trip that is still up in the air. So while his family is in Poland, we will probably take a 9-hour train ride into Zurich. I want to see some real mountains and what better place to do so? Plus there’s Swiss chocolate..

Amsterdam, Netherlands – 3 Nights

And finally, we are ending this trip off in Amsterdam. Am I a horrible person for saying I really want to see The Red Light District? Because I really do lol. I’m also looking forward to visiting the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum.

August can’t come quick enough. I’m very excited for our first trip to Europe (and definitely not our last)! After this trip, our next major one is for our honeymoon – to New Zealand! And after our honeymoon, our next big trip will probably be to Scandinavia (Iceland, Norway, Denmark, etc.). And then after that, we will return to Europe to visit Italy, Spain, Greece…

I hope you enjoyed this (tentative) 2-week European Itinerary!

Talk to you soon and keep wondering & wandering 😉

(To help plan this trip, I used Route Perfect. This isn’t sponsored by them in any way but they were a very useful website so I recommend checking them out!)

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