Denver, Colorado | Travel Guide

Denver, Colorado | Travel Guide

Hey friends! Bri here. So this last weekend, my boyfriend and I got shoved into a small RV with his family and some family friends for a 24-hour drive (round-trip) to Denver, Colorado. It was interesting, to say the least. Definitely not my favorite way to travel as I feared the RV tipping over every time the wind picked up or we rounded a corner lol. But the company was awesome so it made up for it. We had one full day in Denver in which we shoved in a lot of activities (so much, in fact, I fell asleep within five seconds of hitting the mattress.. Normally, my insomnia is pretty bad haha). This trip marked my 10th? visit to Denver so I decided to write a guide! I hope you enjoy!

Denver Travel Guide


Casa Bonita

Okay, so the food isn’t that great at this restaurant but the environment is really what makes this place awesome. Located in the Denver suburb of Lakewood, Casa Bonita can seat over 1000 people at a time (the building used to be a large retail store) and they have a 30 foot waterfall with cliff divers that perform shows while you eat sopapillas (the best food there, in my opinion) or whatever you’re munching on (you can find the small menu here). Plus there’s mariachi’s and flame jugglers that walk around. Talk about awesome. There’s also a gift shop, arcade, and a “haunted tunnel”. Definitely check this place out while you’re in town.

5280 Burger Bar

Just the mere mention of this place makes my mouth water. I literally look like a dog about to receive the best bone ever. This place has the BEST hamburgers in the world. Not that I’ve tried every hamburger in the world, but I’m pretty sure this place has them. I went with their classic 5280 topped with their housemade American Cheese, Tomato, Shredded Lettuce, Red Onion, Kosher Pickle and 5280 Sauce; I’m not one for experimenting with hamburger toppings but either way, it was delicious. Chris went with the ‘Baja Colorado’ which contains Pepper Jack Cheese, Grilled Peppers, Caramelized Onions and their housemade Chipotle Mayo and he even said it was the best thing ever. Just remember, you have to order fries on the side because they won’t come automatically with the burgers.

(Edit: I wrote this before I became a vegetarian but I still recommend checking them out)

Cosmo’s Pizza

So you guys know how much I love pizza, and if you don’t – where the heck have you been? This place has the greatest pizza to ever enter my mouth ever. Even though a single slice is bigger than my face, I can eat like 10 of them because it is THAT good. My personal favorite flavors are the white pizza and the veggie supreme. Chris loves the classic and meat lovers. So between us, we pretty much love everything on the menu. I honestly wish they’d open up a location here in Sioux Falls because I would eat there on my lunch break daily. And every 100 pounds I gain would be so worth it.

Places To Go / Things to Do

Visit Red Rocks Amphitheater 

Okay so technically this is in Morrison but you can see the downtown Denver skyline from here on the horizon so I’m putting it in here. Now I haven’t actually been to a concert here but ask anyone who has and I’m sure they’d highly recommend it. Every time we’ve gone, the amphitheater is filled with super healthy and fit people getting their intense daily workout in. I’m only pointing that out because I am not one of them – I am the girl with the chubby booty sitting on the wall watching everyone else exercise while daydreaming about pizza or hamburgers. What can ya do? But besides the motivation for healthiness this place provides, the views are out of this world. Like, they’re worth the 50-minute drive alone (from Denver). And also the 12-hour drive from Sioux Falls.

Go to a Bronco’s Game

The Bronco’s were the first ever NFL game I’ve ever been too and I had a blast. The energy from the crowd and the pyrotechnics and the opening ceremony (skydivers!! which gave me a heart attack because I thought that one dude’s parachute failed and was falling towards us but it was a stunt lol) were all amazing. And even though the Bronco’s lost, the team spirit was still amazing. Definitely go to a game – especially if you have sports fans in your family.

And there’s the typically hiking and rock climbing activity around here that’s always a blast.

Denver is an amazing city (one of my favorites!) and I would highly recommend visiting if you can. It’s just beautiful and the people are so nice (and healthy lol).

That’s it for now!

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