A Weekend In Deadwood, South Dakota.

A Weekend In Deadwood, South Dakota.

Hey, friends! This past weekend, my boyfriend and I took a quick road trip across the entire state of South Dakota to visit the gambling town of Deadwood. And I decided to write a little impromptu travel guide! I hope you enjoy!

A Weekend In Deadwood, South Dakota
An Impromptu Travel Guide

On The Way

We left early Friday morning and didn’t stop until we hit our first destination (Al’s Oasis restaurant). We ate some lunch and let our dog run around the buffalo statues that are in front of the restaurant. The food wasn’t as good as I remember from when I was a kid but it was good enough.

The east side of South Dakota is quite flat and pretty BUT once you cross the Missouri river in Oacoma, it starts to get really expansive and beautiful so I enjoyed the views while Christopher took over the wheel. We drove for another two hours until we hit Kadoka (the gateway to The Badlands). After getting gas and taking our dog to the bathroom, I took over and we took an hour detour through the stunning Badlands National State Park and took some photos.


Finally There!

So then we finally made it to Deadwood! Friday night, we did some gambling (I’m newly 21 so I wanted to see what the fuss was all about) and ate dinner at our hotel buffet (I wasn’t really impressed though). Saturday, after breakfast, we drove through Bear Country and then accidentally ended up at Mt. Rushmore. We ate lunch at this wonderful outdoor cafe place (I can’t remember the name!!) that had the best cheeseballs ever. If I was ever on death row and had to choose my last meal, I would say”cheeseballs from that one place in Deadwood”.

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Then on Sunday, we hit the road to head back to Sioux Falls quite early because I actually caught a nasty cold virus on Saturday and was too sick to enjoy anything. We were in a hurry to get back home so there were no detours or explorations done.

Overall, this was a great weekend getaway (minus getting sick, of course) and a nice break from life. Western South Dakota is so beautiful, it makes me jealous of people who get to see mountains and forests every day.

(Quick Update: I read this amazing article about South Dakota and it kinda renewed my love for my home state so I wanted to share it with you guys. Check that out here)

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