Top 5 (Free) Photography Apps For Travelers.

Top 5 (Free) Photography Apps For Travelers.

Hey, guys! Today I figured I would share my favorite FREE photography apps for travelers!¬†I have an iPhone so I’m not sure if some of these apps are also available for Android but if you know, tell me in the comments below! That would be very helpful ūüôā Anyways, so here they are! Keep reading!

Top 5 (Free) Photography App For Travelers


You can’t post a list of the best photography apps without mentioning¬†Instagram.¬†It’s¬†my favorite app for photography (or any app in general, let’s be real here)¬†because it’s super convenient¬†and there are a lot of great features within the app. Though the filters are minimal (and there are better ones out there that I will also mention), they are all great. My personal favorite filter to give my Instagram a somewhat cohesive look is “Lark,” if you were curious. Plus there’s also a¬†feature similar to¬†Snapchat for quick updates in real time.


VSCO is my favorite app for filters! G3, M3, and T1 are some¬†of my most used filters. And you’re able to organize your photos before you post them on Instagram so you know what looks good by each other and what does. It’s kind of helpful if you care about that sort of thing. Plus the app itself is very visually appealing. It brings out the design nerd in me.


Snapseed is another favorite app for filters. I use this app to create a film grain effect on my photos. I also use the Lens Blur effect if I want to create a better focal point in the photo.


Duh, I have to mention Snapchat. Even though Instagram might have a feature similar to Snapchat, you can’t beat the real thing. With real-time updates, it’s no wonder that almost every travel blogger is on Snapchat. And pssst, we are too… @briannamunsen.¬†¬†Hint hint ūüėČ

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Nikon WMU

I’m including this because I have a Nikon camera. I use this app so I can upload photos from my camera straight to my phone to upload to Instagram. How convenient? While this¬†can only be used if you have a Nikon camera, I’m sure Canon has something similar.

What are some of your favorite photography apps? Let me know!

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