5 Tips For Coping With Travel Withdrawals.

5 Tips For Coping With Travel Withdrawals.

Whether it’s your health, money, work, kids, etc. we all know that it’s not always possible to travel as often as we’d like to. As stated in my bio, my goal is to inspire you to make traveling a priority. However, I am fully aware that the typical person has things come up that restrict them from perusing travel, myself included. Usually, it’s an excuse, but sometimes it’s not. Often times if you’re anything like me, you begin to have travel withdrawals if you haven’t seen a new place for a while. From firsthand experience, I’m here to help you cope when it’s not as easy as it sounds to pick up and go.

Five Tips For Coping With Travel Withdrawals

Explore your own town or nearby areas you haven’t explored yet.

I’ve lived in and/or around my city for over ten years now and just today discovered new hiking trails. It’s surprising what you can find in your own backyard. The possibilities for discovering new things are endless, near and far. That is a huge reason traveling is so appealing in the first place.

Try out a new hobby and get excited about it.

I love traveling, as I’m sure that is evident by reading my most recent post about my visit to Banff National Park. However, it’s good to have multiple interests to become more of a well-rounded person. Thus you’re able to connect with more people. Having more people in your circle may allow you more traveling experiences down the road, you never know.

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Plan for your next destination.

Part of the fun of traveling is the planning, even if none of it ends up playing out the way it’s supposed to (for me, it typically doesn’t). Research places and prioritize where you want to go since options are ultimately limitless. It’s okay to plan and daydream, just don’t get down on yourself if you can’t make it a reality right away.

Work more.

This might not sound appealing to most, but working allows you to make more money while restricting you from spending money. More money is made + less money being spent = more money for your travels! Granted, I’m somewhat of a workaholic.

Have a theme night/day.

This is by far my favorite thing to do. For instance, if I’m wanting to be in Mexico, I have a Mexican theme night! Cook up a variety of Mexican dishes and invite some friends over. Not only am I getting at least somewhat of a fix, but I’m making memories with friends and/or family that I might not have otherwise if I went on a trip.

Simply put, it’s okay to settle in a place for a while. While travel withdrawals are not fun, working hard and planning makes your travels a reality as well as more worth it in the long run. So it’s essential that you spend time doing those things. Spending time focusing on finding and doing other hobbies also helps you with deciding what kind of things you want to do when you travel. For example, I love nature, so I know that I want to visit places with beautiful views. Ultimately every day can be an adventure if you get creative! I would be interested to know where you’re wanting to travel to, so feel free to comment below!

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